The First Fur-Free Club of Switzerland

In collaboration with the Swiss Animal Protection SAP, we are the first fur-free club of the continental Europe and accordingly reserve the right to prohibit access to the Hiltl Club to wearers of fur coats, fur hoods or any other accessories made of real fur.


Why is fur prohibited in Hiltl Club, but not leather, lambskin or down?

Leather as well as hides or downs originate from livestock and are by-products of milk production or meat production.


Why is wearing fur prohibited at the Hiltl Club but not so at the restaurants and the take-away?

Since we are not able to carry out a selection based on the clothing of our customers at the Hiltl restaurants and the take-away, real fur is only banned at the Hiltl Club starting at 10 respectively 11pm. As a hint, all our wardrobes are labeled «I don't like carrying real fur», stating our point of view regarding this matter during the day.

Here in Europe, there are established and effective labels for organic produce and animal welfare, and the keeping and slaughter of livestock are subject to an Animal Welfare Act. Fur, on the other hand, originates from wild animals who are only bread or respectively hunted for their fur. Appropriate animal welfare for these wild animals is not possible on a commercial scale. The breeding and slaughter of fur animals is cruel and there are practically no laws protecting fur animals.


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Hiltl Club - Furfree Campaign

Schweizer Tierschutz STS - Furfree-Kampagne für Hiltl Club