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In 1998 Hiltl celebrated its 100th anniversary. For the occasion we published our first cookbook "Hiltl. Virtuoso Vegetarian" and nobody could have guessed that the book would be such a success. Shortly thereafter, its successor "Hiltl. Veggie International. A World of Difference" was released, followed by "Globi Cooks Vegetarian". Meanwhile, new editions continue to appear and remain very popular.


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Virtuoso Vegetarian Veggie International Vegan Love Story
  Apéro und Vorspeisen Appetizers and Starters
Green Banana Fritters
Gefüllte Jalapeños
Crispy Tofu
Apricot and Ginger Chutney (tibits)
Aubergine/Eggplant and Amaranth (tibits)
Beetroot Fritters, Indian (Hiltl)
Carrot and Date Dip (Hiltl)
Kebab Sandwich (tibits)
Mini BLT Sandwich (Hiltl)
Quinoa and Potato Burgers (tibits)
Roasted Almonds with Cranberries and Rosemary (tibits)
Spiced Pineapple (Hiltl)
Star Fruit, Pickled (Hiltl)
Tomato Chutney, Green (Hiltl)
Soups Soups Soups
Carrot Soup
Lentil and Chestnut Soup
Cucumber Soup
Vegetable Gazpacho
Tomato & Orange Soup
Chilled Melon Soup
Harira Soup
Fennel & Absinthe Soup
Homemade Vegetable Stock
Cucumber Soup, Indian (Hiltl)
Leek and Quinoa Soup (tibits)
Lemongrass and Coconut Soup (Hiltl)
Mango Gazpacho (Hiltl)
Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Soy Beans (tibits)
Saffron Soup (Hiltl)
Vegetable and Barley Soup, Bündner (tibits)
Salate Salate Salate
Chinese Asparagus Salad
Carrot Salad
Fennel and Apple Salad
Orange Salad with Dates
Leek Salad
Thai Salad
Pumpkin Salad
Sweet Potato Salad
Chickpea Salad
Nepali Lentil Salad
Salad Niçoise
Asian Noodles Salad
Wakame & Cucumber Salad
Caesar Salad
Italian Tofu Salad
Cambozola Salad
Chicory & Chestnut Salad
Celery & Star Fruit Salad
Puff Pastry Triangles with Mushrooms
Stuffed Jalapeños
Crispy Tofu
Aubergine Caviar
Date & Cheese Mousse
Lentil Terrine
Apple and Lentil Salad (Hiltl)
Asparagus and Mango Salad (Hiltl)
Beetroot and Apple Salad (Hiltl)
Black Salsify and Kumquat Salad (tibits)
Cassava and Pineapple Salad (Hiltl)
Chirashi Sushi (tibits)
Crunchy Detox Salad (tibits)
Glass Noodle Salad, Asian (tibits)
Kale and Swede/Rutabaga Salad (tibits)
Okra Antipasto (Hiltl)
Papaya Salad, Thai (Hiltl)
Quinoa Salad, Peruvian (tibits)
Squash Salad with Sesame Seeds (tibits)
Warm Warm Warm
Saffron Artichokes
Cucumber and Tomato Ragout
Vegetable Stew
Provençal Potatoes
Aubergine Fricassée
Asparagus with Mascarpone Sauce
White Peppers
Courgettes with Saffron Sauce
Sweet and Sour Pumpkin
Masaman Thai Curry
Chicory Piccata
Spaghetti with
Ramsons Pesto
Sweet Corn and Leek Cakes
Barley Risotto
Gorgonzola Polenta
Mushroom Ragout with Marsala Sauce
Mushroom Stroganoff
Tofu Napolitano
Züri Geschnetzeltes
Sweet and Sour Tofu
Lime Tofu
Paprika Geschnetzeltes
Jaffna Okras
Coriander Pilau
Curried Eggs from Southern India
Indian Snake Beans
Basmati Rice
Lemon Rice
Dushin Rothli
Aubergine Curry
South Indian Avival
Paneer Makhani
Bengali Vegetables
White Curry
Jeera Dal
Arab Bamja
Couscous Marrakech
Lebanese Badingal
Indian Jalfrezi
Fresh Chanterelles
Feta & Saffron Artichokes
Vanilla Carrots
Gorgonzola Courgettes
Carrot & Plum Tagine
Malaysian Rendang
Butternut Squash in Tomato & Almond Sauce
Cauliflower in a Green Pepper Sauce
Black Curry from Southern India
Giant Vegetable Skewers
Grilled Vegetables & Mushrooms
Saffron Noodles
Spaghetti Bolognese
Coconut Noodles from Southern India
Mee Goreng
Citrus Noodles
Sam Tam Bamee
Vegetable Paella
Pumpkin Risotto
Dill Rice with Lentils
Barberry Pilaff
Helmut’s Caesar Dumplings
Tofu Mirsang
Seitan & Vegetable Fricassee
Kung Pao
Vindaloo from Western India
Karhai Paneer
Green Thai Curry
Green Thai Curry paste
Aloo Bhaji (Hiltl)
Aubergine/Eggplant Cordon Bleu (tibits)
Baked Squash (Hiltl)
Cantonese Fried Rice (tibits)
Caramelized Vegetables with Figs and Pears (tibits)
Chicory and Orange Bake (tibits)
Chilli and Bean Stew (Hiltl)
Cottage Pie (tibits)
Dal Pancharangi (tibits)
Gherkin Schnitzel (Hiltl)
Green Thai Aubergine Curry (tibits)
Kabuli Palaw (Hiltl)
Kashmir and Fruit Curry (Hiltl)
Lahmacun (tibits)
Lasagne Bolognese (tibits)
Lentil Stew (Hiltl)
Mango and Banana Curry (tibits)
Mushroom, Potato and Ale Pie (tibits)
Parsnip Gnocchi (Hiltl)
Potato and Chestnut Stew with Spätzle (tibits)
Singapore Noodles (tibits)
Tempeh, Indonesian, with Vegetables (tibits)
Tomato and Tofu Sambal (Hiltl)
Tomato Spelt Risotto (tibits)
Desserts Desserts Desserts
Mango Ice Cream
Walnut Salad
Easter Cake
Crème Brûlée
Hiltl’s Chocolate Mousse
Chai Tea Cream, Indian (tibits)
Cinnamon and Mandarin Panna Cotta (tibits)
Coconut Rice Pudding (Hiltl)
Exotic Spring Rolls (Hiltl)
Mango Cake tibits and (Hiltl)
Pineapple Crumble (Hiltl)
Pomegranate Granita (Hiltl)
Saffron Semolina Pudding (Hiltl)
Silken Tofu with Berries (Hiltl)
Soya and Chocolate Mousse (Hiltl)
Spiced Chocolate Cake (Hiltl)
Sticky Toffee Pudding (tibits)
Sweet Polenta Bake with Rhubarb Compote (tibits)
    Bircher Muesli (tibits)
Cranberry Granola (Hiltl)
Dried Fruit Salad (Hiltl)
Fruit and Nut Bread (Hiltl)
Strawberry and Banana Salad (Hiltl)
Vanilla Pancakes (tibits)
    Basic recipes
    Mashed Potato (tibits)
Mayonnaise with Almond Paste (Hiltl)
Mayonnaise with Soy Milk (Hiltl)
Olive Ciabatta (Hiltl)
Spätzle (tibits)
Sponge Mixture (Hiltl)
Tofu Marinade (Hiltl)
Tomato Pesto (tibits)
Vegetable Stock (Hiltl)
Recipes in alphabetical order
Abricotine Virtuoso Vegetarian
Almonaise Virtuoso Vegetarian
Aloo Bhaji (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Apple and Lentil Salad (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Apricot and Ginger Chutney (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Arab Bamja Virtuoso Vegetarian
Asian Noodles Salad Veggie International
Asparagus and Mango Salad (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Asparagus with Mascarpone Sauce Virtuoso Vegetarian
Aubergine Caviar Veggie International
Aubergine Curry Virtuoso Vegetarian
Aubergine Fricasse Virtuoso Vegetarian
Aubergine/Eggplant and Amaranth (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Aubergine/Eggplant Cordon Bleu (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Autumn Juice Virtuoso Vegetarian
Baked Squash (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Barberry Pilaff Veggie International
Barley Risotto Virtuoso Vegetarian
Basmati Rice Virtuoso Vegetarian
Beetroot and Apple Salad (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Beetroot Fritters, Indian (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Bengali Vegetables Virtuoso Vegetarian
Bircher Muesli (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Black Curry from Southern India Veggie International
Black Salsify and Kumquat Salad (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Brownies Virtuoso Vegetarian
Butternut Squash in Tomato & Almond Sauce Veggie International
Caesar Salad Veggie International
Cambozola Salad Veggie International
Cantonese Fried Rice (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Caponata Virtuoso Vegetarian
Caramelized Vegetables with Figs and Pears (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Carrot & Plum Tagine Veggie International
Carrot and Date Dip (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Carrot Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Carrot Soup Virtuoso Vegetarian
Casimir Virtuoso Vegetarian
Cassava and Pineapple Salad (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Cauliflower in a Green Pepper Sauce Veggie International
Celery & Star Fruit Salad Veggie International
Chai Tea Cream, Indian (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Chapatis Virtuoso Vegetarian
Cheesecake Veggie International
Chickpea Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Chicory & Chestnut Salad Veggie International
Chicory and Orange Bake (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Chicory Piccata Virtuoso Vegetarian
Chilled Melon Soup Veggie International
Chilli and Bean Stew (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Chinese Asparagus Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Chirashi Sushi (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Cinnamon and Mandarin Panna Cotta (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Cinnamon Harissa Veggie International
Citrus Noodles Veggie International
Coconut Chutney Virtuoso Vegetarian
Coconut Noodles from Southern India Veggie International
Coconut Rice Pudding (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Coriander Pilau Virtuoso Vegetarian
Cottage Pie (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Courgettes with Saffron Sauce Virtuoso Vegetarian
Couscous Marrakech Virtuoso Vegetarian
Cranberry & Apple Sauce Veggie International
Cranberry Granola (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Crme Brle Veggie International
Cress Salad Dressing Virtuoso Vegetarian
Crispy Tofu Veggie International
Crunchy Detox Salad (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Cucumber and Tomato Ragout Virtuoso Vegetarian
Cucumber Soup Virtuoso Vegetarian
Cucumber Soup, Indian (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Curried Eggs from Southern India Virtuoso Vegetarian
Dal Pancharangi (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Date & Cheese Mousse Veggie International
Date Chutney Virtuoso Vegetarian
Dill Rice with Lentils Veggie International
Dried Fruit Salad (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Dushin Rothli Virtuoso Vegetarian
Easter Cake Virtuoso Vegetarian
Exotic Spring Rolls (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Fennel & Absinthe Soup Veggie International
Fennel and Apple Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Feta & Saffron Artichokes Veggie International
Fresh Chanterelles Veggie International
Fruit and Nut Bread (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Gherkin Schnitzel (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Giant Vegetable Skewers Veggie International
Ginger Raita Virtuoso Vegetarian
Glass Noodle Salad, Asian (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Gorgonzola Courgettes Veggie International
Gorgonzola Polenta Virtuoso Vegetarian
Green Jelly Baby Veggie International
Green Power (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Green Thai Aubergine Curry (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Green Thai Curry Veggie International
Green Thai Curry paste Veggie International
Grilled Vegetables & Mushrooms Veggie International
Guacamole Virtuoso Vegetarian
Harira Soup Veggie International
Helmuts Caesar Dumplings Veggie International
Hiltls Chocolate Mousse Veggie International
Homemade Vegetable Stock Veggie International
Home-Made Vegetable Stock Virtuoso Vegetarian
Honeymoon Veggie International
Iced Rooibos Tea Veggie International
Indian Jalfrezi Veggie International
Indian Snake Beans Virtuoso Vegetarian
Italian Tofu Salad Veggie International
Jaffna Okras Virtuoso Vegetarian
Jeera Dal Virtuoso Vegetarian
Kabuli Palaw (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Kachoris Virtuoso Vegetarian
Kale and Swede/Rutabaga Salad (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Karhai Paneer Veggie International
Kashmir and Fruit Curry (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Kebab Sandwich (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Kung Pao Veggie International
Lahmacun (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Lasagne Bolognese (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Lebanese Badingal Virtuoso Vegetarian
Leek and Quinoa Soup (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Leek Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Lemon Rice Virtuoso Vegetarian
Lemongrass and Coconut Soup (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Lentil and Chestnut Soup Virtuoso Vegetarian
Lentil Stew (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Lentil Terrine Veggie International
Lime Salad Dressing Virtuoso Vegetarian
Lime Tofu Virtuoso Vegetarian
Linzertorte Veggie International
Litchi & Mandarin Juice Veggie International
Madras Sauce Virtuoso Vegetarian
Malaysian Rendang Veggie International
Mango & Apple Chutney Veggie International
Mango and Banana Curry (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Mango Cake tibits and (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Mango Gazpacho (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Mango Ice Cream Virtuoso Vegetarian
Masala Coffee Virtuoso Vegetarian
Masaman Curry Paste Virtuoso Vegetarian
Masaman Thai Curry Virtuoso Vegetarian
Mashed Potato (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Matcha Iced Tea (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Mayonnaise Virtuoso Vegetarian
Mayonnaise with Almond Paste (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Mayonnaise with Soy Milk (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Mee Goreng Veggie International
Melo-Melo Virtuoso Vegetarian
Mini BLT Sandwich (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Mint and Kiwi Lemonade (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Miso Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms and Soy Beans (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Mushroom Ragout with Marsala Sauce Virtuoso Vegetarian
Mushroom Stroganoff Virtuoso Vegetarian
Mushroom, Potato and Ale Pie (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Nancini Veggie International
Nepali Lentil Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Okra Antipasto (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Olive Ciabatta (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Orange Salad with Dates Virtuoso Vegetarian
Orange Syrup Orange Lemonade Veggie International
Paneer Virtuoso Vegetarian
Paneer Makhani Virtuoso Vegetarian
Papaya Lassi (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Papaya Salad, Thai (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Paprika Geschnetzeltes Virtuoso Vegetarian
Parsnip Gnocchi (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Pineapple Crumble (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Pomegranate Granita (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Potato and Chestnut Stew with Sptzle (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Provenal Potatoes Virtuoso Vegetarian
Puff Pastry Triangles with Mushrooms Veggie International
Pumpkin Risotto Veggie International
Pumpkin Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Purple Rain Veggie International
Quinoa and Potato Burgers (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Quinoa Salad, Peruvian (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Rajma Virtuoso Vegetarian
Ramsons Pesto Virtuoso Vegetarian
Ratatouille Virtuoso Vegetarian
Ravaya Virtuoso Vegetarian
Rhubarb, Apple and Lemonade Juice (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Roasted Almonds with Cranberries and Rosemary (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Rooibos Cappuccino (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Saffron Artichokes Virtuoso Vegetarian
Saffron Noodles Veggie International
Saffron Semolina Pudding (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Saffron Soup (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Salad Nioise Veggie International
Sam Tam Bamee Veggie International
Santas Juice Virtuoso Vegetarian
Seitan & Vegetable Fricassee Veggie International
Shrikand Virtuoso Vegetarian
Silken Tofu with Berries (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Singapore Noodles (tibits) Vegan Love Story
South Indian Avival Virtuoso Vegetarian
Soya and Chocolate Mousse (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Spaghetti Bolognese Veggie International
Spaghetti with Virtuoso Vegetarian
Sptzle (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Spiced Chocolate Cake (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Spiced Pineapple (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Sponge Mixture (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Spring Breeze Veggie International
Squash Salad with Sesame Seeds (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Star Fruit, Pickled (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Sticky Toffee Pudding (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Strawberry and Banana Salad (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Stuffed Jalapeos Veggie International
Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Virtuoso Vegetarian
Sweet and Sour Tofu Virtuoso Vegetarian
Sweet Corn and Leek Cakes Virtuoso Vegetarian
Sweet Polenta Bake with Rhubarb Compote (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Sweet Potato Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
Taboul Virtuoso Vegetarian
Tahini Virtuoso Vegetarian
Tempeh, Indonesian, with Vegetables (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Thai Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
The Call of Spring Virtuoso Vegetarian
Tofu Marinade (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Tofu Mirsang Veggie International
Tofu Napolitano Virtuoso Vegetarian
Tomato & Orange Soup Veggie International
Tomato and Tofu Sambal (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Tomato Chutney, Green (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Tomato Pesto (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Tomato Spelt Risotto (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Tropical Virtuoso Vegetarian
Tutti-Frutti Juice Veggie International
Vadai Virtuoso Vegetarian
Vanilla Carrots Veggie International
Vanilla Pancakes (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Vegetable and Barley Soup, Bndner (tibits) Vegan Love Story
Vegetable Gazpacho Virtuoso Vegetarian
Vegetable Paella Veggie International
Vegetable Stew Virtuoso Vegetarian
Vegetable Stock (Hiltl) Vegan Love Story
Vindaloo from Western India Veggie International
Wakame & Cucumber Salad Veggie International
Walnut Salad Virtuoso Vegetarian
White Curry Virtuoso Vegetarian
White Peppers Virtuoso Vegetarian
Zri Geschnetzeltes Virtuoso Vegetarian

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Hiltl. Virtuoso Vegetarian (english)
Hiltl. Saveurs et fantaisies végétariennes (français)
Hiltl. Veggie International. A World of Difference (english)
Vegan Love Story by Hiltl & tibits (english)
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