General Terms and Conditions 



The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between the two parties, the customer and Hiltl PLC, and form an integral part of each order. The terms "guest, tenant, organizer, customer" are here used as synonyms for the customer. The following terms and conditions of Hiltl PLC apply exclusively, and existing terms and conditions for customers are not part of the contract, even if these were not expressly excluded. 


Basis/Conclusion of Contract 

A reservation, a confirmation of an order or an offer signed by the customer applies as the basis of a contract. Additional information such as subsequently created instructions (function sheets, organizational charts, workflow charts, assembly and dismantling plans, offers or services, etc.) are an integral part of the reservation/confirmation of the order or offer. The contract cannot be redeemed unilaterally. Subletting and or the use of the premises for purposes other than the agreed aims require our prior written consent. If the reservation is made by a third party, this also applies, despite an effective authorization by the client, and the contractor is liable for all obligations arising from contract liabilities with the customer jointly and severally.


Option data (quotes, order confirmations) are binding for both parties. After the expiration of the optional period, we may freely dispose of the reserved date if the customer has not confirmed in writing. The acknowledgment must be received by us by the last day of the option period. 



Optionsdaten (Offerten, Auftragsbestätigungen) sind für beiden Parteien verbindlich. Nach Ablauf der Optionsfrist können wir über das reservierte Datum frei verfügen, sofern der Kunde nicht schriftlich bestätigt hat. Die Bestätigung muss am letzten Tag der Optionsfrist bei uns eingetroffen sein. 


Number of People 

We are aware that the determination of the number of persons is not always easy for the client/organizer. Settling the number of registered guests is decisive up to 48 hours before the start of the event. We accept a tolerance limit of up to minus 5% of the guaranteed number of guests. If the negative difference is higher than 5%, we require a written confirmation, otherwise the reported number of persons is used in our calculations. We reserve the right in this case to make a new cost calculation. At a higher differential, billing according to the actual number of persons will apply. 



Inquiry/order confirmations with calculations made on the basis of specified numbers of people are not valid when the number of people changes positively or negatively by more than 15% (up to 100 people) or 10% (from 100 people). If recalculation is necessary, prices are subject to change. All prices are inclusive of value added tax current at the time of execution of the event, providing no other changes are made.



We reserve the right to require a deposit of 50% for contracts (order confirmations, etc.) with an estimated total revenue above CHF 5000. In such cases the reservation, etc. shall be binding only upon us receiving the deposit. This is due no later than the 10th day before the day of the event. Any cancellation costs will be deducted from the deposit. The difference to the final amount is credited to the customer.



Cancellations or significant changes must be communicated by the customer as early as possible and solely in writing. If the customer withdraws completely or partially from the contract, Hiltl PLC reserves the right to charge a handling fee without prior agreement. The resulting liability for damages includes agreed-upon services (rent, food, costs for third parties, etc.) under the contract (order confirmation, etc.), as well as administrative services provided, reduced by costs not incurred by the time of cancellation on the basis of the number of persons or the package that has been agreed upon. If the contract is cancelled by the customer without any fault on our part, we will charge the customer the following cancellation fees for the booked services:


- 60-21 days before the event: 25% 

- 20-11 days before the event: 50% 

- 10 - 4 days before the event: 70% 

- 3 days until day of the event: 100%


These percentages will be based upon the estimated expected total revenue. Proof of minor damages remains with the customer, while proof of higher damages is reserved for Hiltl PLC. If an event is carried out with us in the originally agreed scope within the same year, the customer will be credited 80% of the cancellation. If Hiltl PLC has reason to believe that the event might jeopardize the smooth operation of our security or our reputation, we are entitled at any time to cancel the reservation agreement without compensation or dissolvement. This is particularly the case if we are given false or incomplete information on the content and course of an event. It also applies to events which are not in accordance with the law. 


Changes on Short Notice and Other Cancellations 

It is solely at the discretion of Hiltl PLC as to which costs are applicable for changes on short notice. Included under this point are amendments of F & B services as well as third party services ordered by Hiltl PLC for the customer. Changes which are announced in writing less than 48 hours before the event are considered short notice.


Structural or Technical Changes 

Changes of a structural nature involving available space or changes to technical facilities are prohibited without prior written confirmation from Hiltl PLC. Special installations and facilities also require our written permission.


Exclusive Bookings 

If the customer wishes to be the sole organizer of an event, the customer will be charged for the cost of renting any premises. We do not refund for food/beverages that were ordered but not consumed. 


Sales and Entertainment Items 

The setting up of sales/information/promotion and entertainment articles by the customer on behalf of sponsors or other agents of the customer is expressly prohibited without the written consent of Hiltl PLC.



Posters, banners, pictures or other advertising media can only be erected and installed by prior arrangement with Hiltl PLC. It is generally prohibited to glue or install advertisements with nails or screws on facades, walls, columns and passages. Should this point be violated, Hiltl PLC reserves the right to charge any damage costs to the customer. 



Unless otherwise included in the offer (contract, order confirmation), no decoration is to be mounted in the provided space or is included in the price. Should the customer wish to arrange appropriate decorations, he must inform Hiltl PLC before the event in writing. Furthermore, the customer has to make sure that all such decorations meet fire regulations.


Availability of Premises 

Our premises are available to the client during the rental period. For the use of premises outside the agreed times (setting up the day before/disassembly the day after the event), a written confirmation from Hiltl PLC must be obtained before the event. The prices we charge in this case can be calculated individually by appointment. A whole day = up to 8 hours / ½ a day = up to 4 hours. If this time is exceeded, margins are settled by agreement. After midnight, a surcharge will be charged for our employees. 


Fire Department 

Depending on the extent of major events or stage performances, the fire department may need to be called upon. After entering into the contract with Hiltl PLC, the customer is obliged to inform the fire department as required. The customer makes all necessary arrangements with the fire department as needed, as well as with the relevant staff of Hiltl PLC. Costs for this are borne solely by the customer.


Delivered Items 

Hiltl PLC is only in charge of the delivery of goods (giveaways, catalogues, etc.) that have been expressly authorized by the customer. If the customer requires thorough inspection of the incoming goods, this cost is paid for separately. 


Liability and Damages 

The organizer shall be liable in any case for any damages or losses caused by his employees, helpers or participants to the premises, equipment and furniture. The customer is obliged to immediately report damage caused by him to an authorized employee of Hiltl PLC. Hiltl PLC shall be liable for loss or damage to items caused only by our own fault or gross negligence by our own staff.


Terms of Payment 

Bills from Hiltl PLC shall be payable within 10 days from the invoice date. 



The customer is obligated to insure any property which is introduced against all possible risks. Hiltl PLC rejects any liability. The safeguarding of persons and objects during/between events is the responsibility of the customer. Hiltl PLC is liable only for articles taken into custody with a receipt. Delivery notes for deliveries of goods in favor of third parties are not considered safe custody receipts. Only a signature given by one of our authorized management staff will be considered a valid signature for reception of goods taken into safekeeping. 


Cleaning and Waste 

In cases where extreme cleaning or additional garbage removal must be undertaken, the customer will be charged for the extra expense. In the case of an external event by Hiltl catering, the cost of cleaning is generally borne by the customer.



The layout of the website, the diagrams, pictures and logos used, as well as the collection of individual contributions are protected by copyright. Any duplication or use of objects or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without prior approval of Hiltl PLC. 


Additional Provisions 

If the contractor is not also the organizer, the contractor and organizer are together liable to Hiltl PLC as joint debtors. In case of withdrawal from the contract, Hiltl PLC claims for damages according to public law. Food and drinks will be offered exclusively through Hiltl PLC. Free food and drinks offered by third parties require written approval by us. In cases of consumption of beverages and foods without our written consent, Hiltl PLC is entitled to charge the lost sales to the customer. In cases of force majeure (fire, strikes, bad weather, etc.) Hiltl PLC is under no obligations to the customer. Hiltl PLC reserves the right to substitute products of equal value, in case the originally intended products are not available. For wines, vintage changes are possible.



The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Zurich. 


Additional Terms and Conditions for Hiltl Catering 


The basis of the contractual agreements of Hiltl Catering are the terms and conditions of Hiltl PLC. These apply where the agreement contains no provision. 



Hiltl Catering is committed to proceed with the execution of the order with the utmost care. Hiltl Catering strives to conduct the event in a timely manner and to a perfect standard. In the selection of food and beverages, emphasis is placed on the highest quality. 


Order Confirmation 

Contracts with Hiltl Catering may be verbal or in writing. The contract comes into effect at the latest with a written confirmation from Hiltl Catering. Services rendered additional to those on the order confirmation may be charged additionally. 


Expenses and Costs 

In general, a first offer is free of charge. If the customer requests a second, more detailed offer and a contract is not subsequently made, Hiltl Catering is entitled to charge accordingly for any work done after the first offer. If a rehearsal dinner is desired by the customer, this is charged separately and at cost. Reserved dates are binding and cancellations are chargeable (see Terms and Conditions Hiltl PLC). 



Hiltl Catering reserves the right to change products supplied at short notice, whether due to unavailable goods, poor quality or massively increased prices, and may slightly adapt its services in relation to supply. This will be discussed in advance and the customer will be offered an equivalent alternative. 


Number of Guests 

Changes in the number of guests listed must be made in writing if possible, and sent by the customer no later than 7 days before the event. For events of 200 guests or more this should be done at least 14 days before the event. In case of subsequent reductions in the number of guests, costs (for food, infrastructure and human resources) will be according to the original order confirmation invoice. Even in cases when the customer complies with the above deadlines, depending on the reduction in the number of guests, Hiltl Catering reserves the right to charge for services (such as rental equipment, personnel, expenses, etc.). Special arrangements can be made separately in the order confirmation.


Involvement of a Third Party 

In the fulfillment of its contractual obligations, Hiltl Catering is entitled, if necessary, to consult a third party or let a third party independently effect those obligations. The third party must be able to execute the contract in a same or similar way. In such cases, Hiltl Catering is committed to the careful selection and instruction of third parties. 



Hiltl Catering is entitled to charge the client for the mediation of artists, buildings, infrastructure, technical equipment, etc. with an agency fee to the amount of 10% of their fees/final bill. However, the contract is made directly between the customer and the providers. 



The place of performance and place of jurisdiction is Zurich 8001.


Additional Terms and Conditions for the Hiltl Cooking Studio 

The basis of the contractual agreements of Hiltl’s cooking studio are the terms and conditions of Hiltl PLC. These apply where the agreement contains no provision.


Registration I Confirmation

Your registration is obligatory.
Please register on our online course program by email. The time for registration ends one day before the course date. Your registration will automatically be confirmed by email. Within 48 hours you will receive your personal and definite booking confirmation for your booked course by e-mail. If the course is already fully booked by then, you will also be notified by email.


Payment of Course Fees

You can pay the courses by paper voucher, Hiltl Card or by Credit Card.
Terms of Cancellation
The case of non-payment does not count as deregistration or cancellation. Cancellations must be made by email to and must be confirmed by e-mail by the Cooking Studio team. Only then the cancellation is valid.
In case of cancellation more than 7 days before the course you will receive a Hiltl voucher for the total amount of the course fee. There will be no cash payment or refund. Changes of registration or rebooking on other course dates are possible without additional costs.
If you cancel later than 7 days before the course the total fee has to be paid. If you are prevented for any reason another person can fill in the place, of course. If persons from the waiting list can fill in, a rebooking is possible without any costs. For non-appearance to a booked course without deregistration or leaving the course right after the beginning the total course fee will be charged, too.


Courses cancelled by Hiltl AG

Hiltl AG reserves the right to cancel course dates in case of minor attendance, hindrance of the cook (e.g. illness) or at our own discretion. The course fee will be fully refunded in a Hiltl voucher, which can be converted at another time. Cash payments or retransfer are possible on request. The cancellation generally takes place 7 days before the course.



All participants are required to wear a Hiltl apron and must at all times follow the hygiene instructions given by the course supervisor.



We will not be liable for damages during courses and events. The attending persons are responsible for a sufficient insurance themselves, especially concerning accidents as burnings etc. The use of the equipment of the Hiltl AG is at one´s own risk. The attending person will be hold responsible in case of damages of the inventory and equipment. Hiltl AG will not be liable for theft or loss of property.


Changes to the Program and Fees

Alterations of program and course fees as well as alterations of the general terms and conditions are subject to change.

Place of Jurisdiction

All legal matters relating to Hiltl AG fall under Swiss Jurisdiction. The place of jurisdiction is the Canton of Zurich.



Additional Terms and Conditions for Hiltl Club 

The basis of the contractual agreements of Hiltl Club are the terms and conditions of Hiltl PLC. These apply where the agreement contains no provision.

Please note that until you receive a reservation confirmation, your reservation is not confirmed.


Conditions for a Lounge Reservation: 

Minimum age: Minimum age can be found on our program and proof of age may be requested on entry.

Percentage of women: We insist on a women's share in the group by at least 50% - special requests are accepted by phone.

Admission must be paid separately (by cash/Hiltl card) and can be found on our program under: Entry

Minimum consumption: Minimum consumption varies depending on the lounge, the reference time and the number of seats (paid by cash/debit/credit card/Hiltl card). Minimum consumption is payable even if the reserved lounge is not used.

Pre-order of drinks & appetizers: Pre-ordering drinks allows us a faster service. Snacks and other delicacies from the Hiltl kitchen must be pre-ordered (min. 56h in advance.) It is possible to order bottled drinks and appetizers with the initial order.

Entry: We reserve the right to refuse entry to the club if the above conditions are not satisfied.


Program and Price Changes 

Program and price changes are reserved in the General Terms and Conditions.



For all legal relations with Hiltl PLC, Swiss law is applicable. Jurisdiction is the canton of Zurich.


Additional Terms and Conditions for Hiltl Seminars 

The basis of the contractual agreements of Hiltl Seminars are the terms and conditions of Hiltl PLC. These apply where the agreement contains no provision. 



We do not rent our seminar rooms for self-catering, so drink and food should not be brought to an event. Instead, let us pamper you with delicacies from the Hiltl kitchen.


Cancellation Terms 

With the confirmation of the seminar room, the reservation is binding. Cancellations or significant changes must be communicated as early as possible. The final number of guests must be announced at least 48 hours before the event.

If an event is cancelled by the client, the client must pay the following cancellation fees:

- Up to 14 days before the event, cancellation is free of charge

- Less than 14 days before the event, the cancellation fee is 50% of the room rental fee

- On the day of the event, the cancellation fee is 100% of the room rental fee.

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