Haus Hiltl

Haus Hiltl

Located at Sihlstrasse in the heart of Zurich with served à la carte restaurant, large Hiltl Buffet, Self & Take Away — the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world since 1898 according to Guinness World Records.


Hiltl Dachterrasse

Above PKZ women with beloved Hiltl Buffet, café and bar — a green oasis overlooking rooftops of Zurich, which turns into a party location on sunny days.


Since 2016 with Hiltl Buffet, café and bar in the venerable post office building at Europaallee right next to the Zurich main station.


In the center of the famous «Kreis 4» with Hiltl Buffet, café, bar and Switzerland's first Bicycle-Drive-Through.


Hiltl Pflanzbar im Blumen Krämer

In one of the most beautiful flower shops in Zurich — located at «Blumen Krämer» with Hiltl Buffet, café and bar.

Am Strand

Hiltl am Strand im Strandbad Mythenquai

In summer you can serve yourself in the Mythenquai beach lido at the Hiltl Buffet and get food and drinks at the kiosk. In fair weather there's Pilates and Yoga directly by the lake.

Am See

Hiltl am See im Seebad Kilchberg

At the familial lakeside resort in Kilchberg with Hiltl Buffet and cool drinks to round off warm summer evenings. 


Right next to Haus Hiltl there's Switzerland's first veggie butcher, presenting a fancy «mom and pop store» style.


Hiltl Akademie

The competence center for vegetarian and vegan cuisine: cooking courses, professional training, recipe development, events, yoga and much more.

Hiltl Club

Since 2007, Haus Hiltl is transformed into Switzerland's first fur-free club on weekend nights and has since been one of Zurich's most popular clubs.

Sihlpost Club

Sihlpost Club

Partying since 2017 in Hiltl Sihlpost at the Sihlpost Club — 25s and over dance to Hip Hop and R&B.

Perle Club

Perle Club

In the basement of Hiltl Langstrasse you can dance to Hip Hop, Funk, Indie and Disco Sound in an 80s atmosphere.